About Me


Few months ago my husband and I took a trip to South America. In particular, we went to Argentina to explore the world of Latin America. We visited many little towns as well as dedicated a couple of days to the big and gorgeous Buenos Aires. When walking down the streets of this colorful city, I noticed a bunch of people, calling themselves the Indigenous Language Digital Activists. They were obviously trying to fight for something…

This made me curious and I started to ask around what are they are fighting for. This is how I found out that this movement is for preserving and maintaining of the Mapudungun language, spoken by the indigenous population – Mapuche. The whole point of that demonstration was to link the cultural and political revival of Mapuche people who live in urban area with the tools of radio art.

I found out that this nation has the language of its own, that does not have any similarities with any other language in the world. I also found out that Mapuche people are really struggling to get not only their language recognized and preserved, but they are failing to even have their existence recognized! This made me go to the library and Google to find out more about this unique culture.

Now I know that the word Mapuche consists of two words: “Mapu” which means land, and “che” which means people and is referring collectively to various groups of people, from the South the Huilliche. Their ancestors have moved to the area which is now known as Chile 12000 years ago. The Mapuche are the only group that withstood the attacks of the Inca and have never been conquered by them. The Mapuche has also withstood the Spanish conquerors attacks to certain extend and never completely been subjugated by the Spanish empire. You can read more about it in one of my blog posts.

It appeared that there are ten thousand Mapuche people residing only in Buenos Aires, but only 1700 of them can speak their native language. The population of Mapuche people is spread out between Chile and Argentina and they have an interesting history in this world that many times made my heart ache for the struggles they have gone through.

This is how the idea of starting a blog about the Mapuche history came to my mind as soon as my husband and I came back from our trip. By this blog I want to spark an interest for the Mapuche people that have such an amazing history of fighting for their land and their rights and even nowadays are still not fully recognized.

I will be discussing many aspects of Mapuche nation – their language, culture, traditions, current issues, people as well as stories and facts from the history. I am also providing the information about where you can research more about the Mapuche people. Anyone who wishes to share their knowledge or thoughts are welcome to do so in the comments section below each blog post. I am looking forward to connecting with you, my readers.